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The word foreclosure is a difficult word to digest for many of us, even when we achieve financial stability, being on the opposite side of a spectrum, often gives insight. It’s difficult to accept that one’s loss has become another’s gain. It reminds me of my family having a history of cardiomyopathy heart problems.

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I watched and supported my uncle, cousin, brother and mother’s journey to receive heart transplants in order to live on. It was difficult to digest that one’s tragedy of end-of-life organ donation became gifts to my family. My wife of 23 years has had a pancreas transplant and is now awaiting a kidney transplant. These are gifts that can never be repaid. So, this has become my comparison to understand, to view financial loss. The process of someone losing their home has led me on a path to do my research.

I researched on foreclosures to help me understand the connections between one’s loss of a home, and that home becoming an investment opportunity for someone else.

I wondered if there is a need to wait, or to reach out and see if a home can be saved in order to help a family survive, rather than only seeing the opportunity of creating wealth for one’s self. Well, there are many ways that may present opportunities for someone or a community to help a family to overcome a temporary setback, and avoid a permanent loss, or even make a transition. Here are some links (hud,familiesinforeclusure, ) to resources that can help us to give back that may change lives. And there are those conditions that are unavoidable, permanent, and the reasons a home goes into foreclosure can range from job loss, illness, and even just plain neglect or poor management. My rule is that if it’s not vacant, then maybe there is opportunity to help find a solution for the homeowner. However making direct contact is not likely going to lead to the solution, but an indirect approach would be to contact the appropriate qualified individuals who have knowledge of and access to the resources and processes that create solutions and get results for individuals facing foreclosure. These can be individuals or agencies that offer a variety of programs.

If a home is vacant, then that is the time to actively seek to buy a property. In other words, if people are living in the home, then waiting and allowing these agencies to present the opportunity for the homeowner to reach out save their home should be the focus for that home, for that family’s situation, at that time, should be the priority. However, once a home is past the grace period of no turning back, the home is vacant, and a home ends up in foreclosure, there is opportunity. Opportunity, for investors, or first time home buyers to have their chance at creating stability, achieving dreams, and having a place to call home.

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