Duke Energy Customers! Sign in to learn how to track daily and weekly energy usage with Duke Energy.

Duke Energy Smart Meter

Learn how to set up and track your energy usage on a monthly or weekly basis with your smart meter. ¿Busca información en español?

It’s super easy to track your daily energy use online – and so worth it.

Simply sign in to your online account on our website or mobile app to see exactly how much energy you’re using by the week, by the day – or even by the hour. 

Detailed, easy-to-follow graphs show you when your energy use is spiking – so you can make changes that help lower your winter bills.

Sign in to My Account or register now to see your energy use. Or, download the Duke Energy App.

Other Duke Energy benefits:

Usage Alerts
Get a midcycle report on your energy use and projected bill, in time to adjust your usage and reduce your bill.
Budget Alerts
Sign up for alerts when your
bill reaches a certain dollar
amount, so you can cut back.
Pick Your Due Date
Choose the date your bill is due! Select a date that works best for your budget and schedule.
Budget Billing
Get a predictable monthly bill to help even out those higher winter bills.

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