You currently own a fleet of the

l a r g e s t U.S. M i l i t a r y j e t s.

Each one of us has the green light to fly these jets in support of our US Constitution, or let these jets fly into the hands of traitors. It’s called money. Every dollar is a vote. If you want to elect truthful politicians in support of One Nation Under God, and We The People that support the US Constitution, you must keep your fleet out of the hands of the liars who want to dissolve our free speech, and our right to self defense. They know why we want more than a 6 shooter. This is no longer the wild west, we have enemies with fully automatic weapons that could turn on us at any moment. The enemies are those that want to keep you from having the right to speak truth, and take away your guns, all of them, any way they can. They want full control, and gain votes by calling it socialism, globalism, equity, global warming, pro-choice, gender fluid, and say it’s all in the name of peace. But when it’s ran by evil people, it leads to defaming attacks, blackmail, slavery and even death if you are a big enough threat. They will stop at no cost, and suppress or stop all who oppose. The New Americans ancestors fought and died to end slavery, but they seek to put the blame on these ancestors decendents. We have been living in freedom but it has come to a point where evil not only seeks to co-exhist. It is attacking, suppressing and defaming God’s holy spirit, and demanding that they be recognized as truthful and holy. And that kind of freedom eventually leads to chaos. Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah chaos. You can’t have truth and lies both fighting to be true. The very definition of what is moral as One Nation Under God is being twisted and flipped upside down. And if we want the truth, moral harmony, we need to stand and be a guiding force in this nation, we are going to have to go against the tyranny that has been established in our governments and media organizations and inbred into the demise of many citizens of the United States. The conversation is over for many. The line is drawn. We are yet free but we must exercise our legal rights, take back what the enemy has stolen, and hold our ground. We are One Nation Under God and we must remain rightous.

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