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Receive a $100 Gift Card after installation from ADT Secure24 plus free Thermal Imaging Inspection
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Receive a $100 Gift Card after installation from ADT Secure24

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee*

Get all installation and monitoring fees refunded if ADT can’t resolve your system concerns.

Theft Protection Guarantee*

If a burglary occurs while your ADT security system is armed, we’ll pay up to $500* of your insurance deductible.

145+ years and 9 monitoring centers

We’ve been helping protect homes longer than anyone else in the industry. Plus, we have more company-owned monitoring centers than any other company.

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You also may qualify a free Thermal Imaging Inspection once your ADT system is installed. Offer valid within Indiana only(additional travel expenses may be required for residence living outside of our service area) Get started here and Speak to an ADT specialist to get your free quote, then once your installed, simply let us know. Contact: Air2Lab Division Estate Group Finance, LLC.

Investing in Changing Times

Traditional Investing

Traditional investing refers to the tangible realm of investment possibilities such as real estate, industrial mining, futures, products, services, corporate stocks, bonds which are all based and managed by tangible results., McDonalds, and Walmart are examples of how a traditional business of physical products has transformed product sales into using replicated systems and algorythms, which has launched the beginning of the end of its many small traditional competitors.

Welcome to the future with Big Tech.

Big Tech and Bitcoin vs. Altcoin

Big Tech companies rely on the use of information technology. Google and Paypal are great examples of how software systems can be automated to processes large amounts of information which is resulting in the creation of billionaire companies. Bitcoin is the first ever currency which is based on informational technology, a digital technology currenty with its strength in security from breach and is non-tangible and is money that cannot be put in your wallet, nor can it be downloaded and put into a box. Altcoins are all of the currency software companies that have sprouted like rabbits as a result of the success of Bitcoin and each have a specific purpose, benefit, strengths and weaknesses. Lump all of this investment technology into the exchange of Cryptocurrency and you have an explosion of extremely high risk of financial loss with an expectation for potential growth far beyond investing as we once knew it.

1: Research and pick 2 or 3 currencies you expect will yield the highest growth. A few are better than many when it comes to investing because it will give you greater financial control with future investing.

2: Plan to hold the currency until it provides the percentage of return you are seeking. If you don’t see the potential for at least a 300% increase, then the currency is likely not worth the risk of loss.

3: Invest only what you can afford to lose.

4: Don’t sell at a loss out of fear of losing your investment. Remember, you invested what you can afford to lose, so ride it out.

5a: Use dollar cost averaging which means investing a specific amount of money each month. or 5b: Buy during the dips when the currency drops as low as 25% or 50% below your buy in position. This will help leverage your investment towards being successful. But don’t go overboard, the more you invest, the more of an investment it will take to leverage your investment to a better position, i.e. break even position, which leads to our next recommendation…

7: Set a maximum investment amount.

6: If you reach a roadblock where research shows that your investment has lost its potential and likely will not bear fruit, then you may want to re-evaluate and consider selling at a break even or as a loss. It happens. But remember, don’t sell out of fear, do the research and stick with your initial decision that gave you the green light to invest.

Remember, this is a high risk investment, so only invest what you can afford to lose. And be prepared to give the investment months and even years to provide fruit i.e. profit.

The Future of Investing…

A new approach is percentage based investments which will allow all investors no matter how small the investment, the opportunity to diversify. We chose to invest primarily within low risk income based opportunities, while evaluating small percentages in situational outcomes of new and emerging technologies ( such as software, digital currency, bio, health science, etc.). We gather the most up to date information to create a visual awareness of market movement, and to identify the specific investments that have the best opportunity to surge. Income generated investments are reinvested within technology, precious metals/commodities, futures as well as leveraging alternatives to balance risk .

Shop Made in USA Products Again

Nestlé: A Real Life Horror Movie – This “story of Nestle” business mini-movie looks at the controversial history of Nestle, including scandals Nestle has been involved in, and accusations against the Nestle group. However, as well as looking at the dark world of Nestle, and Nestle’s disturbing history of controversies & scandals, we’ll also learn the story of how Nestle began from humble beginnings with a life-saving product. Honestly, Nestle is a fascinating business story, especially given how often Nestle is brought up online as being one of the most hated / most evil companies. So… What’s the real truth about Nestle? 00:00 Prologue: The Disturbing History of Nestle 01:50 Chapter 1: The Rise of Nestle 06:35 Chapter 2: The Baby Killer 12:45 Chapter 3: The Water Crisis 17:00 Chapter 4: Exploitation ~ The Disturbing History of Nestle; A Real Life Horror Movie ~ Is Nestle The Most Evil Company? ~ Nestle: The sweet taste of death & destruction ~ Nestlé: A Real Life Horror Movie ~ Why Did Nestlé Do This? ~ Nestlé’s Darkest Secret: The Disturbing Truth DISCLAIMER: I am not a journalist. This video utilises a wide variety of existing sources and information (that have been verified to the best of my ability) and synthesises it into a single narrative. This video is not making any new or original claims, but instead summarising already publicly available information in a new format. All materials in this video is used for educational purposes and fall within the guidelines of fair use. Any affiliate links in the description used may result in commission earned. Please contact with any concerns. Sponsor enquiries: Watch More Dark Business Documentaries:…Show less

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Investors build residual returns with COFFEE.

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Java Momma began in 2017 with 300 Baristas, three employees, and two product lines. As of today, they have 23 employees and over 4000 Baristas sharing high quality coffee, and many other related product lines. Java Momma is a member of the Direct Selling Association: the leading authority of ethics in direct selling. More at JAVAPAPA’S BARISTA

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Duke Energy Smart Meter

Learn how to set up and track your energy usage on a monthly or weekly basis with your smart meter. ¿Busca información en español?

It’s super easy to track your daily energy use online – and so worth it.

Simply sign in to your online account on our website or mobile app to see exactly how much energy you’re using by the week, by the day – or even by the hour. 

Detailed, easy-to-follow graphs show you when your energy use is spiking – so you can make changes that help lower your winter bills.

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Other Duke Energy benefits:

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How to keep Cozy & Toasty.

If you’ve been noticing fluctuating home temperature recently and you feel drafts coming in through windows and doors, it may be time to learn how to find air leaks in your house and get them fixed.

Yes, air leaks are the culprits here; they can disrupt your ideal home temperature and cost you tons on energy bills.  Your HVAC system keeps running to condition the air inside your home, which is wasted if it can easily slip through cracks and gaps. This makes your unit work harder, resulting in high electricity costs and a reduced lifespan of your AC unit

Drafts are most commonly found around doors and windows, but leaks in attic and basement areas can also cause bigger issues. According to the EPA, air sealing will lower your heating and cooling costs by an average of 15%.  Continue reading…

How to Air Seal Your House

Now that you have found all the sources of air leaks, it’s time to get to work. Start with windows and doors where air leaks are easy to seal and then move on to attic and basement areas.  

Note: Air sealing may trap harmful indoor air pollutants and poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, deteriorating home air quality. It is recommended to get your home tested by an energy professional before sealing all the leaks. Read more…

Be Prepared for a Winter Storm

During extremely cold weather or winter storms, staying warm and safe can be a challenge. Winter storms can bring cold temperatures, power failures, loss of communication services, and icy roads. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you should know how to prepare your home and your car before a winter storm hits. Read more…

Environmental: Thermal Imaging Inspection. WE FIND THE PLACES COLD AIR IS COMING INTO THE HOME.

Foreclosure homes

The word foreclosure is a difficult word to digest for many of us, even when we achieve financial stability, being on the opposite side of a spectrum, often gives insight. It’s difficult to accept that one’s loss has become another’s gain. It reminds me of my family having a history of cardiomyopathy heart problems.

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I watched and supported my uncle, cousin, brother and mother’s journey to receive heart transplants in order to live on. It was difficult to digest that one’s tragedy of end-of-life organ donation became gifts to my family. My wife of 23 years has had a pancreas transplant and is now awaiting a kidney transplant. These are gifts that can never be repaid. So, this has become my comparison to understand, to view financial loss. The process of someone losing their home has led me on a path to do my research.

I researched on foreclosures to help me understand the connections between one’s loss of a home, and that home becoming an investment opportunity for someone else.

I wondered if there is a need to wait, or to reach out and see if a home can be saved in order to help a family survive, rather than only seeing the opportunity of creating wealth for one’s self. Well, there are many ways that may present opportunities for someone or a community to help a family to overcome a temporary setback, and avoid a permanent loss, or even make a transition. Here are some links (hud,familiesinforeclusure, ) to resources that can help us to give back that may change lives. And there are those conditions that are unavoidable, permanent, and the reasons a home goes into foreclosure can range from job loss, illness, and even just plain neglect or poor management. My rule is that if it’s not vacant, then maybe there is opportunity to help find a solution for the homeowner. However making direct contact is not likely going to lead to the solution, but an indirect approach would be to contact the appropriate qualified individuals who have knowledge of and access to the resources and processes that create solutions and get results for individuals facing foreclosure. These can be individuals or agencies that offer a variety of programs.

If a home is vacant, then that is the time to actively seek to buy a property. In other words, if people are living in the home, then waiting and allowing these agencies to present the opportunity for the homeowner to reach out save their home should be the focus for that home, for that family’s situation, at that time, should be the priority. However, once a home is past the grace period of no turning back, the home is vacant, and a home ends up in foreclosure, there is opportunity. Opportunity, for investors, or first time home buyers to have their chance at creating stability, achieving dreams, and having a place to call home.

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